Unisex Clothing Mystery Bundle


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Get your favourite clothing for even less with our Ring and Chain Mystery Clothing Bundles!

Each mystery bundle will contain a random selection of clothing from Ring and Chain's unisex clothing collection in your chosen size! This can include hoodies, t-shirts and trousers. These bundles are super customisable - if you have any strong preferences in style or things we should avoid make sure to let us know by email or over on Instagram within 1 hour of making your order!

BUNDLE 1 - Pick our £40 bundle and recieve at least £50 worth of clothing!

BUNDLE 2 - Pick our £60 bundle to recieve at least £70 worth of clothing!

BUNDLE 3 - Pick our £80 bundle to recieve at least £90 worth of clothing!

BUNDLE 4 - Pick our £100 bundle to recieve at least £120 worth of clothing!


Enter your chest and waist size and we'll do the rest for you!


Size Waist Width(cm)
S 68
M 70
L 72
XL 76
XXL 80



Size Chest Width (cm)
S 118
M 122
L 126
XL 130


If you are worried about this just send us an email within 1 hour of ordering with your  measurments and we'll make sure your items are the perfect size!

All bundle items should arrive together and have an estimated shipping time of 2 weeks. Please note: Due to the nature of bundles, individual items cannot be returned or refunded.

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