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We have JUST launched an exciting set of MYSTERY BUNDLES on our website! Choose from an accessory or clothing bundle ranging from £15 to £80 - there's something for every budget!

Mystery bundles will include a random selection of clothing or accessories from our website in your chosen size! In each bundle you will receive a selection of items with a higher value than the bundle price. The more you spend the more you save!

These bundles can also be customisable - just send us an email within 1 hour of ordering to let us know of any preferences with your bundle!

You can also use code RINGCHAIN10 with bundles to get 10% off if it's your first order. For all of our lovely customers that have previously ordered remember we will DM you a secret discount code for 15% off when you tag us in your pictures wearing our products! (This can be in a story or a post!)

Happy Shopping!